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Super Fresh grow a range of pear varieties

Packham Triumph Pears

  • The Packham pear has a firm white flesh but still remains juicy with a rich flavour
  • Packham Pears are available from May to January
  • They are ideal on their own as a snack, for baking, poaching, in tarts or for salads.

Buerre Bosc Pears

  • With a deep brown skin, the Buerre Bosc Pear is surprisingly sweet and juicy
  • Beurre Bosc pears are perfect baked in tarts, pan fried or used in salads.
  • Available from March to November

William Barlett Pears

  • Also known as William Bon Cretian
  • Williams Pears are medium sized pear and renowned for its yellow colour
  • Williams pears are available from mid January to May.
  • Williams Pears are versatile and are ideal fresh as a snack, or for poaching, baking and slicing into salads.

Josephine Pears

  • Jospehine Pears have a bright green skin with a soft juicy flesh making it the perfect eating pear
  • Josephine is available from April to the end of November.
  • They make for a great snack in kids lunchboxes

Corella Pears

  • One of the only pears with a warm orange skin, the corella is the perfect presentation pear
  • The Corella pear is available from April to the end of October.
  • Corella pears are great eaten fresh or try them in a salad.

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